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" It’s a pleasure to write this recommendation for Appssenger, an exceptional app development team whom I had the pleasure of working with on several projects across the AGS Airports estate. Appssenger are a highly skilled and talented team with a passion for creating innovative and high-quality mobile applications. "
Jamie Milligan
Group E Commerce Manager | AGS Airports
" Appsenger is a key element of the seamless digital experience we want to offer passengers at our airports. I’d like to highlight three functionalities that we find particularly useful: the ability to provide personalised information about passenger journeys, the ease of updating and creating new content and services through the CMS and the integration of third-party solutions, especially native payments, which have a direct impact in e-commerce revenue. "
Carlos del Río
Non-US Asset Management | Ferrovial airports
" Appssenger and Azinq have been working together closely for many years with our Airport Hive integrations to the Appsenger Mobile app. Our business ethics and technology decisions are aligned which enables us to deliver powerful solutions for our customers benefit. We look forward to continually improving our collaboration, growing our partnership stronger and delivering innovative products. "
Chris Taylor
Managing Partner | Azinq
" I had the privilege of welcoming Appssenger onboard to work with AGS Airports as part of my tenure. For over 5 years we collaborated closely, building a world class digital passenger experience. Appssenger never failed to deliver and helped not only increase AGS's e-commerce revenues, but they introduced new technologies to help support AGS's passengers. "
Fraser Ralston
Director | Lockdwn Digital
Previous Group Head of Digital, AGS Airports
" Appssenger and Converged Tech have forged a partnership to deliver sustainable and revenue enhancing mobile apps to airports and other enterprises in the Caribbean. Our relationship is anchored by shared values of trust, integrity, customer focus, and innovation which has allowed us to design solutions that exceed customer expectations in our market. We consider Appssenger to be one of our most strategic partners and look forward to growing the relationship. "
André Edwards
Trinidad & Tobago | Converged Tech Services
" Working with Appssenger, a specialized CMS platform for airports, has allowed us to scale our website traffic, improve the website visitor experience with straightforward UI, have an increased engagement with our passengers and improve our e-commerce capabilities. "
YDA Dalaman Airport